Civil ID in Saudi Arabia

Civil ID in Saudi Arabia

Civil ID

National ID or eID programs are implemented in many countries by issuance of identity (smart) cards to citizens. Biometric technologies are often added to avoid multiple registrations by the same person. During the life cycle of the ID card a biometric identifier can further be used for unique authentication of the card owner.

In general a unique national ID is introduced to give the growing population access to a wide range of public services such as social benefit programs, healthcare and elections. Especially where countries lacks a solid central administration of its population, governments can benefit with an eID as a strong tool for population control.

Civil ID are similar programs where governments do want to issue unique ID to control benefits and avoid identity fraud for specific groups in society like refugees, civil servants or farmers. In these programs it is not always necessary to issue ID cards, but identification based on biometrics can at least avoid multiple registrations. It avoids identity fraud.

False identities are used for criminal activities worldwide. Stealing someone’s identity is a big intrusion of the privacy with major consequences for legal and financial transactions. Identity checks can be extended with biometrics to ensure the unique ID to prevent identity fraud.

SecureQlik identification has worked on several successful civil ID programs in different parts of the world. Our capabilities are solutions, including hardware and software, for biometric registration, identification and verification. This also includes central repositories to match multiple identities.

Citizen ID

SecureQlik works with partners to provide a full range of digital biometric identity products and services, providing trusted identification for governments and organizations.

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How SecureQlik transformed Islamic University of Madinah’s student unique identification process and academic records using Fingerprint , IRIS & Facial recognition system.
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    National IDs

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    Refugees Registeration

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    Social Protection

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    … and More

    Our biometric products are based around 3 functions.

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    1. ID Registration
    Highest quality (Mobile) Biometric registration of citizens.

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    2. De-duplication
    Managing information and determining uniqueness of the identities.

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    3. ID Verification
    Online or offline biometric ID verification of citizens.

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    Multi-modal biometric identification and verification.

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    ID Registration and ID Verification

    SecureQlik’s registration and verification technology is designed to securely capture and verify identity information, using multiple biometric modalities and biographic data.

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    • Biometric registration SDK
    • ID verification SDK
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    Application interface
    Biometric ID registration and verification application, with easy-to-use operator workflows.

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    • Mobile biometric tablets
    • Mobile biometric registration kits
    • Biometric Verification Device (BVD)
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    Fast and reliable de-duplication and identification.

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    De-duplication, with leading ABIS.

    SecureQlik’s de-duplication products ensure that every identity registered is unique. We offer three products to deliver a complete de-duplication solution.

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    SecureQlik ID Management
    The central management hub to store and manage identity information.
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    SecureQlik ABIS De-duplication (multi-modal)
    SecureQlik’s ABIS combines speed with accuracy. Capable of multimodal biometric de-duplication, with Label Independent Matching (LIM).

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    SecureQlik Adjudication
    Application-based adjudication process enables operators to review and validate potential duplicates.


    SecureQlik’s identity service has three identity API’s that can be integrated in citizen applications.

    Here’s how it works:

    Private and public sector institutions can access Identity-As-A-Service.

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    Central Bank

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    The service is accessed via three interface APIs.

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    Onboarding and registration API
    Generate or update a digital ID profile and retrieve a unique ID number.
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    Digital ID profile API
    Retrieve a digital ID profile with ID assurance level.

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    Verification API
    Biometric verification against a pre-registered ID profile.

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    The APIs connect to SecureQlik’s CITIZEN ID Platform that manages all identity information (biometric, biographic, identity documents).

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    When can we talk?

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      Unique Identification system for Universities ,Healthcare, Civil , Border Control , Public Safety & Elections

      Our latest FingerPrint, IRIS and Facial recognition solutions assure a unique identity for every human.
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        Optimize your registration and ID verification processes

        Secure, reliable and comprehensive enrollment and ID verification are the foundations of customer onboarding, voting processes and border controls.

        Leading Businesses & Governmental digital security programs powered by SecureQlik

        We’re experts in biometrics. We work with partners to provide a full range of digital biometric identity products, used by governments, public institutions and businesses.

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