SecureQlik ABIS in Saudi Arabia

SecureQlik ABIS in Saudi Arabia

SecureQlik ABIS is a next generation, multi-modal Automated Biometric Identification System. It serves as a storage and matching platform, to collect and search all kinds of biometric and personal data. It is part of the BioRegistrator® product suite. SecureQlik ABIS is a flexible, open system with several innovations. It is used for verification, identification, de-duplication and forensic applications. The modern web based user interface makes deployment a breeze.


NG-ABISSecureQlik ABIS has the capability to store and match multiple biometric modalities in a single system. The technologies fingerprint (flat and rolled), face, iris, speaker and DNA recognition are implemented. Other biometric modalities are added as technology develops.

Matching on multiple samples, from one or more modalities, produces multiple matching scores. SecureQlik ABIS uses score-based fusion to produce one overall normalized matching score per subject, that properly accounts for differences in accuracy per sample and modality and it also provides advanced users with insight in all the individual matching results.


SecureQlik ABIS doesn’t depend on one vendor for the matching algorithm or the biometric capture devices. It’s designed to work with biometric matching algorithms and capture devices from any vendor. Many popular capture devices are already supported. Other biometric matching algorithms and devices can be integrated quickly, when needed. This allows our customers to benefit from the unique capabilities and advantages of different algorithms, using just one ABIS system, with considerable benefits for technical and functional integration and support


SecureQlik ABIS has a flexible architecture, so deployments can be scaled based on the requirements for population size and response time. The system supports the full range of deployment scenarios, from a single laptop to a large server farm.


NG-ABISThe front end GUI of SecureQlik ABIS is web-based, using attractive modern, user friendly styles, with clear colors and symbols. Visual tiles display the captured information and serve as buttons at the same time. The interface is suitable for touch, mouse, and keyboard. Different tiles are displayed, depending on user role and configuration.

The user interface is also multi-language. Users can switch at any time to the desired language, including right-to-left languages. New languages can easily be added. Last, but not least, the interface is designed to automatically adapt to any screen size, make optimal use of the available space.

SecureQlik ABIS employ configurable forms for entering biographic and other contextual data, along with the biometric enrolment. These forms are easily and quickly adjusted for the specific requirements of any project.


The goal of biometric registration projects is to assure unique identities. When the same person registers more than once, this must be detected. In some cases this can be done by performing an identification operation at the time of enrolment, cancelling the new registration when an earlier registration is found. But often it’s not possible or desired to perform identification at enrolment time against the full database. Therefore, de-duplication can also be done by comparing all registrations in the ABIS database at a later stage. The result of the identification process isn’t always clear-cut. Operators can review the data in a manual adjudication process, deciding how to handle duplicates on a case-by-case basis.


The system can be used with live captured data, but it also has the ability to import and match the latent traces and recordings that can be obtained for various biometric modalities. A dedicated user interface is available for processing poor-quality latent fingerprint images.


SecureQlik ABIS offers extensive support for importing and exporting data, using various formats, standards and dialects, like NIST-ITL-1, EFTS, EBTS, STANAG 4715, in binary and XML variations. This allows the system to work with mobile and stand-alone systems from other vendors, import legacy data and prevents vendor lock-in in general. It’s also a key feature for organisations that need to co-operate and share data with other agencies and countries, employing different ABIS’s.

As SecureQlik ABIS has the ability to store any kind of biographical and contextual data along with the biometrics, it can import and export all associated data in a single file. Export can be ‘complete’, but also filtered for specific use cases, like creating a watch list for handheld devices.

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How SecureQlik transformed Islamic University of Madinah’s student unique identification process and academic records using Fingerprint , IRIS & Facial recognition system.
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